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The Computer Place is separated from the working part of the kitchen by the “peninsula” section of the kitchen units. The computer sits on a nice old maple table, tucked away quietly but still part of the house generally.

We provide a 600 MHz G3 i-Mac computer running OSX 10.3, with a high speed DSL wireless connection. Use of the computer and the internet is entirely free. Programs include Appleworks (word processing, database, spreadsheet, drawing, painting, & presentation), Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, i-Photo, i-Tunes, and Eudora e-mail client.

You can receive and send e-mails on the house e-mail ( and, if you have webmail on your own e-mail account, check and send your mails via a browser. Browsers provided are Safari and Internet Explorer. And of course, you can download images from your digital camera and e-mail them to your friends and family (remember to bring your camera USB cable!).

If you wish to bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) you should also be able to connect to the house network, provided that your computer is wireless enabled. There is a note here in the computer place of the settings you will need.

Parents should note that there are no parental controls on the house computer. The computer is cleared between rentals.

So... Happy Surfing! Stay in touch while you are away! Settle family arguments by looking up the subject on the web! Perhaps even download a little bit of music....

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